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The WPBA was founded to provide high-level paying opportunities to high-caliber,  high-profile players who have a passion for giving back to their communities and who are dedicated to empowering young girls through all sports.

You will find women's semi-pro basketball leagues and women's professional development leagues but, the WPBA is the ONLY alternate women's professional basketball league to the WNBA.

The WPBA is comprised of WNBA caliber players and professional employees who hold positions such as General Managers, Director of Basketball Operations,  Directors of Player Development, and Head Coaches. Additionally, the league has employed some of the top businesswomen in professional sports.

The WPBA players are recruited right from WNBA combines and are easily some of the best players in the world.

The WPBA’s year-round involvement in its communities allows for its growth,  profitability, and sustainability.




We are specifically targeting behavioral and therapeutic issues surrounding substance abuse while considering the unique emotional and psychiatric needs of the individual. Our program is based on the 12 step model of treatment which considers addiction a disease with only cure being abstinence. The 12 step program aims to help individuals accept their diagnosis and begin to take responsibility for their lives through both individual and group counseling. All of our clients have co-occurring disorders, mental illnesses with substance abuse issues. During their stay, a primary goal is to address the denial and manipulation that are typically hallmarks of addiction through structure, limits, and therapeutic confrontation. Throughout their stay the clients require monitoring of their mood (withdrawals, outbursts) and their medication needs.




Committed Community Mentors operates out of Philadelphia, PA.  Tyrone G. Morris, MSW, who as an extension of previous endeavors as a child welfare supervisor, youth basketball coach, case manager, and experienced youth advocate, conceptualized the business with the idea of exposing our urban youth to a wide variety of life learning experiences. He found that as a young leader he had a profound effect on the lives of most of his clients, relating to them on the same level, serving as a positive role model. 


NewCourtland Senior Services provides affordable housing, healthcare, and supportive services to thousands of low-income seniors in Philadelphia each year.  NewCourtland Senior Services is a forward-thinking non-profit organization that seeks to serve and honor low-income seniors in Philadelphia.

Mission: The NewCourtland Network carries out its healing mission for Philadelphia’s seniors by meeting their individual and changing needs. We do this in collaboration with their families, the staff, and the community.

CONTACT INFO: Call (215) 965-1915, info@newcourtland.org, http://www.newcourtland.org



An alternative care option for seniors, InnovAge helps seniors live life independently. At LP3 we share their mission – to allow seniors to live life on their terms – by aging in place, in their own homes and communities, for as long as safely possible.

InnovAge’s Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) is an alternative to nursing facilities. Seniors receive customized healthcare and social support at a nearby PACE center. Each PACE participant has a team of medical experts dedicated to providing personalized healthcare and support to help them age at home.

Headquartered in Denver, Colo., InnovAge offers PACE in Colorado, California, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Their approximately 2,000 employees serve nearly 6,000 seniors. In Colorado, they also offer home care services for seniors, and own two affordable senior housing communities in the Denver metro area.

 CONTACT INFO: Call 844-704-9613

8950 E. Lowry Boulevard, Denver, CO 80230


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