Our Mission and Vision

The Love Pray Peace Project (LP3) is intentional in ensuring that veterans have access to staple needs to help them become thriving, productive citizens in our country. 

We prioritize our nation’s heroes acute needs and work tirelessly to help them reach necessary and complete wellness; our three pillars to achieve this include: 

  1. Affordable and Safe Housing 
  2. Financial Literacy 
  3. Veteran benefits (federal or state level)

Our model is unique and progressive, as we first provide the most essential life necessity before anything else, HOUSING. LP3’s primary goal is to guarantee our veterans are prepared and empowered to successfully transition into civilian life — without ever regressing. We implement community-centered initiatives to carry out our LP3 mission, Power, Purpose and Platform.

The Love Pray Peace Project envisions our front-line soldiers and their families having an opportunity to voice their concerns for their needs in the civilian world without judgement. With your help, we can strengthen + uplift their voices to achieve our common goal, while “Providing passion and compassionate veteran services at every encounter!”

The Love Pray Peace Project’s (LP3) mission is to provide a compassionate veteran centered retirement and living community, that will provide exposure to veterans and services through education, empowerment and housing services. We will carry out our mission with the 3 P’s; Power, Purpose and Platform.


Our Vision is to develop a community for our veterans and their families, that focuses on strengthening services and giving a voice to Veterans and their families. “Providing Passion and compassionate veteran services at every encounter!”




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Or to learn more, please email us at lovepraypeaceproject@gmail.com.  In any event, we would love hearing from you!