Our Board of Trustees

                           STEVE GOLDFLAM

Steve has structured numerous investment opportunities for companies and individuals throughout the years.  He is always available to discuss ideas for strategizing individualized ways for companies and individuals to participate with LP3 for the longer term (even intergenerationally) via low risk investments, aligning both their investment and philanthropic goals.

Graduating with an BS in Biology from Wilkes University, Steve went on to earn his MS degree from the University of Dayton.  After conducted cancer research at the Wistar Institute Steve began his career helping people achieve their financial dreams, and has since operated his own firm - Steve Goldflam & Associates - serving over 1500 clients.

His firm serves general taxpayers to corporations with a commitment to fulfilling the clients needs with quality care, reliability and velocity.  His specialty is helping his clients grow their cash flow through quarterly reviews and assessments of all aspects of their business.  In addition, however, he takes a holistic approach to helping mentor his clients, understanding that financial wealth, while important, is only one facet of obtaining true happiness.

We're proud to have Steve serve on our board of Trustees, knowing that he will watch out for the best interests of our foundation, our investors, donors, and veteran recipients.  With his knowledge and expertise we know that the sky is the limit to how far we can go to help our nation's heroes today and well into the future.

                   SHAWN THORNS


Shawn Thorns has very strong ties to the Philadelphia community. Shawn volunteers his company, Shawn’s Painting Services LLC, as an additional renovation team when needed. His expertise will go a long way in helping us expand services we can extend to an ever-increasing number of veterans as we continue to grow.

Shawn met Krissi, the founder of LP3, almost a decade ago, and made their union official in marriage a few years ago. During their journey, Shawn embraced Krissi’s passion for providing a better quality of life for veterans – and made it his own.

Since then, Shawn has proven instrumental in providing guidance in navigating the challenges and obstacles faced in the construction industry. With his help, as well as the participation of individual sponsors and the business community, LP3 provides strong leadership in demonstrating how to remove obstacles and empower veterans to live on their own as proud, productive Americans.

Shawn’s ability to oversee and coordinate the home renovations and his willingness to work hard ensures that each residence meets industry and government regulations and the strict requirements of LP3. As the foundation grows Shawn’s responsibilities will grow exponentially, and he looks forward to steeping up to meet these challenges.

                                      KRISSI JUDD


Krissi Judd has a long history of involvement in helping others in the Philadelphia community.  She is a true leader and we are proud to have her on our Board of Trustees!  

Since 2015, Krissi has helped many veterans in a wide variety of situations.
She has:

  • Volunteered at Stand Down
  • Volunteered at Vets Serving Vets
  • Fed homeless veterans
  • Participated in clothing and blanket drives
  • Served at Veterans Listening Post
  • Has assisted countless number of veteran and their families with claims assistance and debt management
  • And many other initiatives throughout the city

But today, her vision has become a reality.  To devote 100% of her talents and efforts to the cause of helping veterans, with LP3 -- setting the pace for a new generation of Americans paying back those who have protected and served us!