LP3 Philanthropic Investment Opportunities

Are you looking for ways to generate positive social change in addition to generating a financial return?

LP3 provides a variety of opportunities for individuals and organizations who want to demonstrate their philanthropy and make a difference in their community:

  • You can make an immediate impact on a project we have going through your philanthropy by making a one-time donation (link).
  • You can participate for the longer term (even intergenerationally) via a low risk investment, aligning both your investment and philanthropic goals. For example, investing in housing for veterans and their families, like our groundbreaking Philadelphia initiatives. (Keep reading!)

While many people have an excellent understanding of the financial implications of their philanthropic donations, few understand how to deliver meaningful impact yet – at the same time -- align their wealth with their values. They don’t realize…

Giving doesn’t have to be a one-way street!

Many people view philanthropic giving primarily as a tax instrument that they do once a year. They realize it helps other people that they will never meet, in some way, but it’s something separate from their “real life” financial planning or estate planning. And somehow just cutting a check isn’t all that rewarding…
Here’s how philanthropic investment with LP3 is a win, win, win!
In addition to helping LP3 meet our goals for helping veterans and families achieve the lives they deserve, by partnering with us as an investor you can:
  • Create a charitable giving roadmap rooted in the legacy you want to leave and take steps to ensure your values and wishes are preserved and carried through for future generations in your overall estate and legacy plan.
  • Establish valuable, new friendships and relationships in your community and get the recognition you deserve as a community leader.
  • Realize a profit or stream of income from your investment, generally commensurate with other low-risk investment options at your disposal which merely “park” your funds.

Why LP3?
Wanting to give back is one thing. Carving out time for philanthropy is another—especially in managing the day-to-day operations of managing properties and meeting the daily needs of veterans and their families. If you chose to do it yourself, you’d find that you would need to set up foundations, recruit and hire staff, request grants, and many other activities that carry significant cost and time. But at LP3 we:

  • Customize your philanthropic investment program based upon your wants and needs
  • Administer your investment on a daily basis
  • Report back to you on an ongoing basis, with fill transparency.
  • Have an “open door” policy… Feel free to stop in any time!

Ultimately, your philanthropic efforts are more than just money. They are about establishing your legacy and leaving a mark on the world. But since many of the administrative costs we incur are covered by a portion of the charitable donations we receive from donations, grants, and other sources, you can receive financial benefits without depleting your return on investment.

Advantages of Investing locally
If you are like 70% of philanthropic investors, you’ll appreciate working with a cause that hits close to home rather than working with national charities. Here, you’ll be able to see the impact of your participation and enjoy the rewards of your efforts. Working together and seeing your money at work will be a rewarding process!

One of the most meaningful aspects of accumulating wealth is the ability to give back in significant ways. Many people used to find they were unable to do so significantly until they were in the later stages of their lives. But now you can do so today, without waiting. Because you can pair your need for a return on your investment with your need to help our veterans, and your community, achieve a brighter future.

2020 Feasibility Study Underway

Purpose: Prove the Viability and Success of the LP3 Veteran Housing model to meet the needs of veterans; overcome obstacles to help them return to the lives they deserve as American Heroes.

Conducted by: The University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Ashley Ritter, a national clinician scholar and a postdoctoral fellow along with a team of VA researchers and research assistants.

Measurement Parameters: Measure the success of veterans and their families to improve in key areas including:
1. Employment: success in obtaining and keeping employment.
2. Education: ability to attend, participate in and benefit from continuing education programs.
3. Health: ability to deal with both physical and mental traumas.
4. Drugs: Reduction or total end of drug dependence.

Methodology: Data is collected on an ongoing basis regarding the measurement parameters noted above. The team meets biweekly to review data collection methods, quantify measurable outcomes, and discuss possible results.

Results: Upon the successful completion of this study we expect to move onto phase 2, further validating proof of concept with additional studies with additional VA participants, funded by an additional $200,000 in grants and the investment/donations of the philanthropic and investor communities.

Please contact us below to begin a discussion to see whether an LP3 investment has a place in your heart, as well as your portfolio. We’d love to hear from you!