How We Can Help You

Many veterans are not aware of how many services and other goodies are available to them and their family members. Sure, some of these benefits are well-known, like medical care and disability compensation. But you may have not even heard of other benefits, ranging from:
• Loans to open a small business
• Free or low-cost medical care
• Cash payments directly from Uncle Sam
• Plans designed to help you get a college degree or vocational training
• Programs that assist you in finding and getting your dream job
• Programs that help you buy a house or find a place to live in your golden years
• Shopping and travel perks
• Memorial and burial benefits, including free headstones
• Services and programs available to surviving family members
• And more

In other cases, maybe you heard about a benefit and applied for it, only to be told you don't qualify. So you gave up. Over the years I’ve found that The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has developed a bad habit of phrasing its rejection letters in such a way that even I couldn't understand them, and I worked for the VA!

You might also think that the government has have some kind of massive computer system that has all the details about your service in the United States military, right? Wrong. If you want a particular benefit, it's up to you to not only ask for it, but to also prove your status as a veteran and your eligibility for a particular benefit. And eligibility is different for each type of benefit…

Confusing? You bet. So it’s no surprise that you may have trouble getting approved… In many cases you may be rejected not because you don’t qualify, but you just didn’t provide the proper paperwork, at the right time, to the right place. In other cases it can just be that the VA is plain wrong, and you need to escalate the issue to get them to understand they are wrong.

For these reasons, it really helps to have someone in your corner that not only knows the ropes, but will fight to ensure you receive each and every benefit you and your family deserve.

So if you need help navigating the system, look no further! 

Call or contact me on the form below for a free consultation! My services never cost a veteran or their families a dime.